Home Ownership through Renting Having it all, but owning none of it

Our Goal

We strive to develop long-term relationships with our investors and all of our investments provide a clear alignment of interests

We started as a group of business owners that have worked together over the years purchasing, renovating, and selling real estate for ourselves and for investors. Along the way, we built a portfolio of rental properties so we brought our expertise and experience in business and real estate to add property management to our services.

We developed a team of experts in every aspect of property management, including marketing, sales, property investments, leasing, maintenance, market analysis, accounting, insurance, legal and compliance to develop a completely new approach to our investor services.

Our End – to – End Solutions is something that other companies and property management firms do not offer, which translates to a higher return on investment for owners and investors.

Superior Risk Management

  • Preserve capital throughout multiple economic cycles
  • Pursue assets that perform in both positive and negative environments
  • Strive to acquire an asset that can be bought and return a profit
  • Specialize in single-family and small multi-unit investing has proven to be a steady and safe investment because people will always need a place to live
  • Provide accredited investors with the opportunity to generate a good return backed by targeted real estate through our asset management services

Hands On Management Style

  • Actively manage each property in-house, while other companies outsource this task to 3rd party firms
  • Highly involved with renovations, leasing and management allows us to control expenses and provide profitable returns to our investors


  • Online management and investment portal provide any and all information to investors
  • Every aspect of our business is open for our investors to see

Track Record

  • Combined 20+ years investing experience
  • Collectively acquired, rehabbed, managed, owned and disposed of hundreds of properties

Investment Strategy

  • Focuses on acquiring single-family properties in specific targeted areas.
  • Targeted areas have the potential to add appreciation and income value
  • Once the property is acquired we renovate and manage the property “in house” which results in a clear alignment of interest between our investors, our tenants and RP.
  • We seek assets that could benefit from our operational experience and hands-on management


"I am a newbie investor and these guys helped educate me and walked me through the entire process."
- Shaff

"When I am ready to buy another property they always come through with a good deal."
- Steve

"I came into some property and had no idea what to do but Tracy took care of me by selling some of my property and talking me into keeping others. I couldn't be happier."
- Amy

"As an out of state investor, I needed management in a bad way and at a good price. The crew took care of it and now I am thinking of buying more."
- Lynn

"I looked everywhere online for property in Oklahoma but couldn't find the right deal for me. Thankfully I ran across these guys when I was looking for property management and they had properties for sale from some of their other investors."

"My partners and me started a fund so we could collectively buy more properties and decrease our risk. They helped us set up the fund and manage the assets. After 2 years they sold the portfolio and we all came away happy campers."
- Sean