Home Ownership through Renting Having it all, but owning none of it

A Simple Way to Invest in Real Estate

We handle the whole investment experience, which allow investors to reap the benefits without doing any of the work

We strive to develop solutions that meet the needs of property investors. We are one of the best sources for residential property investors in Oklahoma.

Investor Services

End-to-End Investor Solutions

We have the ability to help investors in all phases of the investment cycle. From stage to all of the stages, we are here to help.

  • Analyze: help identify investment opportunities
  • Purchase: we can handle all the paperwork
  • Renovate: from a fix and flip to buy and hold, we have the contractors to handle the job
  • Manage: we have an in-house management company that saves you money
  • Sell: we market to our extensive list of owners, investors and tenants

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Property Management

Property Management

Renters Place is our in-house property management company that serves hundred of investors and owners across the United States. Renters Place manages across the State of Oklahoma and is known for its flat-fee pricing, industry leading protection guarantees and transparent service. Contact Renters Place to learn more.

  • Single-Family Rentals
  • Multi-Family
  • Vacation Rentals
  • 24/7 Maintenance
  • Multiple property management plans to choose from

Property Insurance

Insurance Management Group is our in-house insurance company that offers a variety and cost-effective insurance programs and policies specifically designed for investors. Visit imgadvisors.com to learn more.

  • Master Real Estate policies for investors and property managers
  • Master Renters policies for investors and property managers
  • Apartment Insurance
  • Flexible, multi state coverage
  • One policy for multiple entities
  • Property and liability coverage
  • Web-based insurance system
  • Insurance carriers that specialize in property insurance for investors
Property Management

Asset Management

Asset Management

We have managed multiple private investor partnerships in the Oklahoma market with limited partnership and LLC structures. Investors have an online investment portal to view assets, distributions and documents. Here are some of the advantages:

  • Pooling together resources: money, experience, time ect..
  • Ability to afford more or larger properties
  • Diversification: invest in multiple properties versus one property
  • Shared risk: not carrying all the debt
  • Structural advantages help make direct real estate investments
  • An alternative to bonds, stock or REITs
  • Pass-through vehicles enables investors to claim depreciation

Investor Network

We have developed a network of investors all across the United States. Our network receives the first opportunity to take advantage of the deals we come across. Buy and sell within the network.

  • Decreases fees and commissions
  • Maximize profit
Investor Network

Property Rescue

Property Rescue

A program designed for owners wanting to sell their rental property for some reason or another. It is harder to sell a property when a tenant resides in the home or when an owner is staring at a vacated property that needs costly repairs. In most cases Renters Place will have an answer because of our network of investors and realtors we work with.

  • Option 1: Find Investor – Renters Place will help you sell your home to one of our existing investors
  • Option 2: Repair & Sell – Renters Place will manage the repair process and find an experienced realtor for you that specialize in rental properties to sell your property.
  • Option 3: Take Over Payments – Renters Place will take over the existing financing currently in place and take all the burden for the home, including loan payment, insurance, repairs, tenant issues and more – we take everything off your shoulders!